IT Solutions for MSPs

I am helping a few Korean IT companies from South Korea to reach out into Australian IT market. Their aim is not at selling their products in Australia but to obtain feedback about their products so that they can use the information to fine-tune their products for the global market.

NuriLab Anti Ransom Protection

Nurilab solution is being adopted as a secondary protection layer to the existing security solutions, as the Nurilab solution is a specialized solution against combating ransomware, and it is light and cost-effective ($30 per device per year).
The NAR solution has several protection and functionalities only found in highly-priced products/solutions.

SCLab Data Visualisation Platform

The SCLab Data Visualisation Platform is getting popular not just for its capability for data visualisation but with added ChatGPT functionality of pre-loaded data source in the form of pdf files.
This ChatGPT functionality will provide unique business opportunities for Resellers and MSPs

About Us

We have been in business since 1993, mainly supporting Korean Community in Sydney.